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All right, perverts. It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for: this month’s big release!

(So that you can have your own big releases, right? Hur hur hur.)

noblewoman-small“A Noblewoman’s Fall” – Victorian Taboo Erotica

Available on Amazon for $2.99 this week only – Regular price $4.99

Adopted into a baronial family at a young age, Mary always tried to live up to the standards of the aristocracy. But when her naughty maid discovers the noblewoman’s lust for tender caresses in her most intimate places, it begins a downward spiral that Mary never could have predicted. 

Soon, Mary finds herself learning more about the real standards of the aristocracy than she ever imagined, discovering one secret perversion after another — even in those nearest and dearest to her!”

This is a nice, long romp through Victorian smut of all sorts: anal play, bisexual lady lovin’, taboo brother/sister scenes, gangbangs, and more! I like to think of it as the “corsets and cocks” genre of erotica.

Mailing list subscribers have already received a special bonus offer for a free e-book from my collection (a good reason to be a subscriber, if you’re not already), but you can still take advantage of the reduced price. “A Noblewoman’s Fall” will be $2.99 on Amazon.com through Monday, 21 April 2014, after which it goes up to $4.99.

So act now — grab yourself some corsets and cocks! Yummy yummy yummy.