Does anyone use/like Goodreads, the book review social network?

Would you like to tell me how to do it?

I made a profile ages ago, and then promptly forgot to do anything with it for about a year, but now I’m really going to try and make an effort to get involved. I suspect the results will look a little odd, since I’ll obviously be doing some networking and promotion in the erotica/romance genre but mostly read literary fiction for my own leisure and pleasure.

Still and all, going to take a stab at it! Who knows, maybe I will meet some excellent new friends. That’s what you do on social media, yes? Meet new friends? I don’t know; I’m terrible at it, as evidenced by my making the profile and then immediately abandoning it.

Terrible at social media, that is, not at making friends.

I’m going to stop digging. Anyway, come friend me on Goodreads, if you’re a user and that’s the sort of thing one does: my username is AVivianVane, and in theory I’m applied to be an “author” profile soon? I don’t know. We’ll see.

New things! Woo.