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Man that was a lot of “dicks” in one sentence. Anyway, your preview!

Free Preview: “Dickgirl Cheerleaders #9: Moving in with the Dickgirls


A small stand of woods divided one side of Hamnin’s campus from town, and Amanda followed one of the asphalt paths that cut across it until she found a secluded bench. The exhausted teenager sank down onto the it with a groan. She spread her legs, slouched low, and — with a quick glance around to make sure no one was nearby — lifted the front of her skirt and stared down into the sticky mess between her thighs.

Amanda’s pussy throbbed, red and swollen, beneath her embarrassed gaze. She touched one finger to it and groaned. The skin was soft and sensitive; rubbed raw but still wet with sexual eagerness. Her fingertip ran up and down the slit, drawing a low moan from Amanda.

She was such a mess. It was disgusting — and also hot as hell. Thick strands of spunk clung to her inner walls, easily visible the moment her fingertip parted the sore, swollen cuntlips. The spent loads had oozed out of her pussy to leave a wet slick on her inner thighs, now drying into a sticky crust. Stray strands of jism glazed her matted pubes like icing.

Shuddering, Amanda laid one hand atop her bare midriff as the other went on stroking her abused pussy. Mary, the dickgirl who’d fucked her in the bathroom stall, had laughed in incredulous surprise when Amanda protested that she wasn’t using protection; Dean Heller had taken things one step further and worn a torn, tattered condom around the base of her shaft like a cockring as she fucked the co-ed. Amanda still wore the sperm-soaked latex around one wrist like a bracelet. “The Bareback Bitches Club bracelet,” Heller had called it, laughing.

It was depraved, tangible reminder of everything Amanda had tried hard not to think about since she first gave her virginity away to the captain of the cheerleading squad. Nearly every cock since then had gone into her pussy unprotected, apart from a few dickgirls in steady relationships who wore condoms when they fooled around outside their committed partnerships. (No one, so far as Amanda could tell, expected dickgirls to fuck one partner exclusively; saving their sperm for one girl at a time was as monogamous as they got.)

Amanda could no longer pretend that her carelessness wasn’t a problem. Very soon, if not already, she was going to end up just like every other full-sexed female on the cheerleading squad: pregnant with an unknown dickgirl’s baby.

Without really thinking about what she was doing, the young co-ed slid a finger into her pussy. Wet, watery cum dripped out around her knuckles as she started to thrust, rubbing the front wall of her sore passage with a fingertip. The flesh felt slack and loose; Amanda added a second finger and started to thrust harder.

A part of her was vaguely aware that things were getting out of hand. Over the course of a few weeks, Amanda had transformed from a mousey little scholarship student who kept to herself into…what?

A slut, she admitted silently to herself. Her pussy clenched a little at her fingers. Why did that feel so good? It was wrong; she knew it was wrong. But the dickgirls and their pregnant sluts were so hot. The raw sexuality they flaunted, the casual defiance they showed toward social norms; the freedom they all seemed to have embraced — how could anyone not find that attractive?

Moaning, Amanda slouched a little lower on the bench. She sat with her legs spread wide, thrusting two fingers in and out of her cunt as fast as they could go. A dull ache still remained from Dean Heller’s “Bitchbreaker” cock, but it only served to arouse Amanda more as she fucked herself. She’d taken that cock — taken it all, and taken its load, panting and squirming like a slut on the floor of the dean’s office. She’d cum her brains out, too, and felt proud when the dean called her a “little bareback bitch.”

Was that so wrong?

With a gasp, Amanda stiffened and came, her hips jerking up and down until she nearly fell off the park bench. Cum ran down her wrist in streams. The watery spunk was warm from her body, and smelled of pussy musk and dickgirl sperm. Amanda breathed its hormonal reek in, moaned with pleasure, and struggled to sit up as the orgasmic high slowly faded from her mind.

She pulled her fingers from her pussy and licked them without even thinking. It tasted good. It felt good. It felt…right.

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