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On February 19, 2013, Space Station of the Sluts went up for sale on Amazon.


I think I made about enough that month to buy myself a celebratory beer (a cheap one), but it marked the start of a great year in publishing.

Now, a year later, I have a lot to celebrate! A. Vivian Vane titles are selling strong, and even Space Station of the Sluts still pulls down a sale or two on Amazon every week — it’s still earning me those beers, in other words.

This week I want to celebrate my erotica debut by sharing it with you absolutely free.

Mailing list subscribers have already received this offer — one more reason to get yourself on the list! But for those that haven’t, here is your special one-year anniversary treat: the novel that started it all.

To download the book for free, go to the Space Station of the Sluts Smashwords page and purchase it using the following coupon code:


This offer runs through Sunday, February 23, at which point it’s gone forever! (The offer, not the book. Space Station of the Sluts will still be there, keeping me in beer money and many strangers in orgasms.)

So happy anniversary to the book that started it all, and happy reading to you!