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Yesterday you saw the covers — today you get your chance to grab the naughty stories behind them!

Blue Blood Babies and In the Talons of the Succubae are available for purchase on Amazon, Smashwords, and Barnes & Noble.

Check out the selections below the break for a sneak peek at the erotic fantasy waiting for you in these two new titles…


From Blue Blood Babies, a futa cuckolding love story: 

Sheram stopped and cocked an ear. She blinked in surprise. Someone else was grunting with exertion, just over a scrubby mound of hill from the priestess. Laying a hand on the short knife she wore — the area was supposed to be a safe one, but there was no sense taking chances — Sheram crept slowly up the slope and peered over.

Her eyes went very wide.

There, hunched beneath an overhang of the rock she’d been picking her way toward, crouched a voluptuous meridi woman of impressive stature. Her back was braced against the shining slab, and her head was bowed forward to stare down into her crotch as she worked both hands vigorously up and down a very large horse-cock.

Discarded clothing lay all around the meridi. All of it looked expensive, as did the lingerie she still wore. Black lace cupped her imposing bosom (the bra strap had to be study, to hold those heavy swells in place), and a matching pair of panties was stretched like a sling beneath her giant prick. Balls bigger than Sheram’s clenched fists tugged the garment downward, filling the gusset and threatening to spill out over the sides in an explosion of sweaty meridi flesh.

Oblivious to everything, the well-muscled woman was grunting and groaning as she worked her shaft with two hands. Her skin was a bright azure blue, much deeper in color than Zia’s, and the features of her face were strong and elegant, with graceful curves to match her luscious figure. Hair like black silk fell all around her face, long enough to reach the center of her back where it fanned out beneath her shoulder blades.

Even without the obviously expensive clothes scattered all over the place, Sheram would have had no trouble identifying the stranger as a member of the meridi’s favored caste of hell-priests. They did not have an aristocracy, exactly, but some families with long traditions of mysticism (and favor from their infernal gods) were certainly more respected than others, and the crouching woman had to have come from one of them — she was too rich, too beautiful, and too perfectly-formed to be anything else.

Without thinking, Sheram let out a lustful moan. She realized her mistake too late, as the meridi’s head snapped up. The points of her horns, which swept out and up in a dramatic frame atop her head, gleamed in the sunlight as she rose. Her cock jutted up nearly to her breasts, swollen thicker than Sheram’s arm and beaded at the top with glistening wetness.

“Who’s there?” the meridi snapped in a voice more heavily accented than Zia’s. Clearly, she did not spend as much time among other races.

As her eyes fell on Sheram, the meridi’s expression softened. Her lips curved up in a small smile. She put a hand on her hip and tilted her head to one side. The massive dick bobbed and swayed, slapping against lace-clad breasts.

“Oh,” the blue-skinned woman said, sounding amused. She held up a hand and beckoned with one finger. “A sylvan girl. Those, we like around here. Come, little miss. I do not bite…much.”


And from In the Talons of the Succubae, a lesbian fantasy adventure:

Pirth grunted as a pair of strong hands grabbed her wrists and forced them to the stone floor. She thrashed from side to side, trying to make sense of the battle, but all she could see were the imposing bosom and strong thighs of a lithe female form straddling her torso. Again she grabbed for her magic, and again agony shot through her, making her body tremble.

A savage face thrust into view above Pirth’s. Pointed teeth smiled horribly as a wicked parody of feminine beauty leered down at her. “Tasty morsel, yesss,” the succubus cooed. “Struggle! Your pain is delicious, oh so delicious.”

With a hitch of her hips, the demonic woman shuffled forward, and Pirth was suddenly presented with a muscular crotch clad in nothing but a single broad, leather strap. She groaned in dismay as it pressed down. The succubus stank of sex and sweat and leather, the powerful reek threatening to overwhelm Pirth’s senses almost as much as the pain that still threatened every time she tried to summon her magic.

“No, no,” she gasped, “not again!” Memories of the humiliating defeat beneath Carveness flashed through her mind.

As the demon pulled her scanty clothing aside, revealing an all-too-human pussy that drooled with wet arousal, Pirth swallowed hard and prayed that the others were faring better than she. Then the hot flesh was grinding against her face, and as her world narrowed, all she could think about was how to draw a breath beneath the smothering embrace of horny succubus cunt…

Excited yet? Then hurry to pick up your copies of Blue Blood Babies and In the Talons of the Succubae today!