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Are you signed up for the A. Vivian Vane mailing list yet? If you’re not, now’s the time! In just a few days I’ll have two new titles hitting the shelves, and mailing list subscribers will be the first to know.

I’m thrilled to preview the lovely cover art for these, done as always by the incredibly talented Lacy Lucette:

blue-blood succubae

Isn’t she wonderful? I just adore these.

Blue Blood Babies is a self-contained story along the same lines as Fertile Mistresses. It features fantasy races, shemale/dickgirl characters, pregnancy, and lots and lots of raunchy sex, as well as a new cuckolding theme — with a twist!

In the Talons of the Succubae continues the adventures of Pirth the Enchantress, last seen writhing helplessly In the Coils of the Serpent Men. It features a seemingly endless stream of girl-on-girl-on-girl-on-even-more-girls action, as well as demon and monster characters and one very creepy voyeur.

I’m excited about both and I hope you are too — and remember, to hear from me as soon as these are available (and to get special offers and free stories delivered straight to your inbox), sign up for the A. Vivian Vane Mailing list.