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They grow up so fast.

Can you believe it was only a year ago today that I was buying this domain name, choosing a title, and putting up a placeholder post to get A. Vivian Vane Talks Dirty started?

The first book (which you can currently get for free when you sign up for my mailing list) didn’t come for another month or so. But if A. Vivian Vane has a birthday (it’s not my real name, of course), I think it’s January 22, so happy birthday to me! I’m turning one, which should go over well with my ABDL/Little/infantilist fans.

A lot of things have happened since 1/22/13:

  • Six novellas and eight serial shorts came out under the AVV label, which is not a bad start. I dare say the writing got better along the way too, but you’d have to buy all my books and read them yourself to judge. Hint, hint, hint.
  • This blog got a facelift, a redesign, a custom URL, and customized appearance template, none of which I will ever be 100% happy with, perfectionist that I am, but which at least seem presentable.
  • I joined communities, met other authors, and landed a blogging spot over at One Handed Writers, a great blog full of talented and successful people that I desperately pretend I fit in with. 
  • The aforementioned mailing list launched just a few days ago, giving me a brand-new metric to obsess about. So go sign up for free goodies, will you? It soothes my numbers-driven insecurities.

All in all it’s been a good year. For a cautious experiment launched in the midst of many other writing projects, the A. Vivian Vane erotica brand is starting to look an awful lot like a real career, and that’s more than I’d dared hope for in January of 2013.

So happy birthday to me! And happy day to you too, if you go pick up your free copy of Space Station of the Sluts from the mailing list like a sensible person.

Onward to 2014, and beyond!