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Believe it or not, loyal readers, your AVV is still here, and even still feeling (and writing) sexy.

New titles have been slow in December because the month is just too dang short, not because I don’t love you and want you to have lots of tingly feelings in your sexy bits this holiday season.


“What’s that?” you say. “December has 31 days, Vivian; that’s as long as a month can get.”

But alas, businesses mostly call it quits on the 23rd or 24th or so, and they really hate having new work coming in right before or right after that Christmas break. So for the freelancers, December is a month’s worth of work on a two-week deadline, and woe betide the writer who cuts it too close with his or her editors’ vacation schedules. They want that shit on their desk with time to spare for revisions before the week of Christmas, god damnit.

The good news is I’ll have lots of time to write sexy things once all the other projects are in, and my editors leave me alone for a couple weeks. Who doesn’t spend their Christmas break thinking up sexy stories, really? But the bad news is we’re realistically looking at a new Dickgirl Cheerleaders title in the next week or so, and not too much more for December.

Sad, but you weren’t really going to give erotic e-books to anyone for Christmas presents anyway, right?