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It’s interesting, the things that take on personal significance for you.

I am, as far as writers of dirty books go, both small-time and relatively new on the block (new on the cock?). My first title came out this year, and I’ve only followed it up with three other stand-alones and a series of shorts.

That’s not a recipe for overnight success, which is fine. I was already working several writing gigs when I started trying my hand at porn, and I’m keeping those other paying jobs going, so erotica doesn’t have to pay the bills any time in the immediate future.

But it’s still nice to think that it might someday (or, more realistically, that I’ll just rack up bigger bills and keep on paying part of them with erotica), and so I notice odd little milestones that probably don’t mean much in any practical sense, and celebrate them.

Like, for example, this month: so far it’s been almost exactly a sale a day, or a tiny bit more, chugging along very steadily.

That’s not exactly a career-making number of titles! But it is cool, for me, to think that every single day I’m making at least a little money by writing sexy things.

Is it a meaningless milestone? Almost certainly.

But sometimes, those are the most important to celebrate. So, happy book-a-day progress to me, and let’s hope I didn’t jinx it by mentioning it here!