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One last summer fling, my darlings!

With my schedule, that is, not with a gorgeous young thing half my age. That’d be statutory rape; I’m  not that old yet.

Vacation Dates

I will be taking a long week in the Rockies starting tomorrow, and returning on Wednesday, Sept. 4. During that time I won’t be posting much, on the site or in the way of new titles.

Thanks to the wonder of smart phones I will have limited e-mail and internet access, but if I’m slow to reply to any comments or e-mails, don’t be surprised. I expect at least several of my vacation days to be entirely out of cell phone range. (Ahhh, bliss.)

cheerleaders5New “Dickgirl Cheerleaders” Title

The latest title in the Dickgirl Cheerleaders series is up or on its way up at Smashwords, Amazon, and Barnes & Nobles.

Dickgirl Cheerleaders #5: Shared by the Squad gets us into the first menage scene of the series, with two strapping young shemales and a freshly-deflowered co-ed sandwiched between them. I think it’s delicious, and I hope you do too.

September Releases

I have a nice big pile of manuscripts waiting for their final edit and cover images when I come back from vacation, so expect to see all of the following in the first few weeks of September:

  • Spiked Punch, the long-awaited (by at least a few loyal readers) sequel to The Pants Around Here. Magical schoolgirl panty worshipping fun!
  • Dickgirl Cheerleaders #6: Game Day, which introduces us to a few more fans of the well-hung cheerleading squad…and to our first taste of pregnancy fetish in the series as well. A must-read for fans of lady-bulges mixed with baby-bumps!
  • Transformed to Breed: A Warrior’s Captivity, a short fantasy one-off featuring magic, futanari/shemales, and impregnation and birthing scenes.

Are you excited? I’m excited. But first, I’m on vacation, so I will see you in a week or so!