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My new publishing schedule has thrown me into a bit of a conundrum.

In theory (and readers know how theoretical it can get, from time to time), I update this blog once a week. But now I’m also publishing once a week, for as long as the Dickgirl Cheerleaders shorts are running, and I don’t want my posts to turn into an endless sea of “New Title” notifications.

cheerleaders2So yes, there is a new title out this week, and if you liked Dickgirl Cheerleaders #1 I obviously encourage you to check out Dickgirl Cheerleaders #2, now available on AmazonSmashwords, and Barnes & Nobles NOOK.

But let’s talk about something else for a while.

I think it’s important to talk about things that aren’t my own titles on the blog. Otherwise it’s not a blog — it’s just a glorified catalog.

My goal with A. Vivian Vane Talks Dirty was to actually talk a bit, on a more relaxed and personal level than advertisements allow. This is a space where I can unpack some of the thoughts, goals, and real-life experiences that went into making me a purveyor of the smut you enjoy (or don’t enjoy, since for all I know some of you are reading this blog solely for the editorial content, and not for the links to my titles.)

It’s a balance I think every author-blogger needs to work on. If you’re not going to put at least a little time and effort into saying something unique for your blog readers, why bother? My preferred balance is at least a 50/50 split, and ideally a little heavier on the non-promotional side than even that.

(On Twitter I’m even less forgiving — if more than about a quarter of someone’s Twitter feed is advertisements and links, I’m probably going to unfollow them, and I expect the same treatment from others. That’s why mine is as likely to be about, say, summer humidity making my knees break out as it is to be about a new release.)

Is there some business motivation in there? Obviously, yes. I would hope that people who read and enjoy my ramblings here might also at some point take a chance on one of my books. But if they don’t, I’m okay with that. It’s honestly more important to me to maintain a good platform where I can talk about writing, sex, and writing sex (as my favorite phrasing goes) than it is to sell a crapton of books.

Doing both would be lovely, however, so if you’re feeling moved by my stirring defense of non-promotional writing here, feel free to let it move you over to my catalog

…you see what I did there?