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Hello and goodbye, loyal readers — your friendly neighborhood AVV is going on vacation this week, and won’t be back until next Wednesday (June 26).

Does that mean I’ll be off lying on a desert island dreaming up (and possibly acting out) new smut for you guys?

Well, no to the island part, but I will have my trusty notebook and plenty of smutty thoughts on my travels, so you can safely expect me to return with some new works.

In the meantime, here’s a quick look at what you can expect in the next couple months:

The second Kyteler Academy Girls book, sequel to The Pants Around Here will be available on all the usual sites at the end of June. If you like schoolgirls, magic, hypnosis, and panty fetishes, go read the first book and be ready for its sequel, Spiked Punch, coming soon!

Following that I’ll be aiming for a typical title by my standards in July (a standalone ebook, somewhere between 10,000 and 20,000 words), and an additional series of short, interconnected titles landing once a week. Tentative plans right now are for a pegging-themed story with a contemporary setting for the long ebook, and an over-the-top dickgirl/shemale/futa/pick-your-term romp for the shorts.

Expect to hear more starting around the end of next week — in the meantime, I’m off to go be all filthy and sweaty!

…what? I’m camping.