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stephen-king-joylandI’ve always envied blockbuster-successful authors not for their money (which is probably fun but I don’t really need), but rather for their freedom to experiment.

Stephen King has always been a writer I’ve admired for doing just that. He went digital-only with a short story way back in 2000, when e-books were practically uncharted waters, and now that they’re the default medium for pulp fiction he’s releasing his new pulp novel Joyland in print only. 

I’m not actually a huge fan of Mr. King’s work — wrong subject matter and wrong writing style for my tastes — but I love to see how he thinks about and interacts with the business side of writing, and I still recommend his On Writing as a quick and valuable read for anyone that’s getting into the game.

Joyland comes out on July 4, only in print. It will, however, obviously be available for sale on the internet, so how many people this actually drags back to brick-and-mortar bookstores remains to be seen. (Mind you, I’ve personally been guilty of undermining the brick-and-mortars since long before ebooks, having relied on public libraries for reading material nearly all my life).

I’ll be watching to see how the sales do in stores versus online. It could be an interesting experiment — and I’m glad Mr. King is trying it.