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Remember Lacey Lucette, who did the cover art for Space Station of the Sluts?

Of course you do!

So you’ll be happy to know that she’s back, and she’s got another cover for me, this one for a charming tale of seduction and panty-theft gone awry at a young girl’s school for witchcraft, titled The Pants Around Here:


As always, I’m thrilled with Lacey’s work, and I’m looking forward to writing more e-books so she can make me more sexy covers!

I honestly do like how much her work stands out in the listings — the bold color and simple silhouettes are, to my eye, a bit of welcome relief when you’re scrolling through the endless thumbnails of CG cleavage that dominate the erotica selection on Amazon and Smashwords.

Whether that translates to increased sales or not, well…we’ll see that when The Pants Around Here goes live next week!