“Servants of the Satyrs” – Live & An Amazon Top 20 Seller!


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All right, you filthy fantasy fans — the latest A. Vivian Vane title is out, and it is hot.

Servants of the Satyrs” is a steamy-wet story just sloshing with spunk and spice, and if that doesn’t already have your underwear parts twitching for more, read on:

SatyrwhiteIn the bowels of the Deepwood lurk the satyrs: lusty goat-men who prey on fairer females for sport. A warrior from a distant elven tribe, Medrii figures she’s just the girl to help the local wood elves deal with their problem. She even enlists the aid of one of the natives, a blue-haired woman named Telandya.

It’s a quick in and out job. But when the darkly handsome satyr lord makes his counteroffer — and parts his powerful thighs to show Medrii just what she’s been missing out on all these years — the task at hand becomes a very different one…

Things get dirty fast in this one and they stay that way. Plot takes the backseat to hard, raunchy, elf-impregnating action as the dark demon dudes whip out their potent pussy-packing pricks…and yes, the story does indulge in some alliteration here and there, why do you ask?

As of today “Servants of the Satyrs” is in the Amazon Top 20 for its category, Fantasy Erotica — an honor shared by no less than five Anne Rice novels, so I’m going to go ahead and assume I’m doing something right. Pick a copy up today and keep that ranking high!

“Servants of the Satyrs” is available on Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo.

“Servants of the Satyrs” Available for Pre-Order


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All right, loyal readers. If you’ve been waiting eagerly for that good, old-fashioned A. Vivian Vane fantasy smut, wait no longer!

SatyrwhiteServants of the Satyrs is available for pre-order on Amazon this week, and you save a buck if you grab it before it goes live!

It’s a hot one, full of lustful, demonic satyrs and yielding elven women. If you like seduction, enslavement, and pregnancy/breeding fetishes, you’re not gonna put this one down. Start to finish, it’s about 35 pages of raw, unadulterated raunch!

Grab it this week to save 25%. Delivery is on Friday Nov. 20th — just in time to keep you warm on a nice wintery week.

Servants of the Satyrs — available for preorder on Amazon.com, only from A. Vivian Vane!

Dickgirls Around Town: Boob Job Boutique – Available Now!


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The dickgirls are back, and bigger than ever! Pick up the newest title today on Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, or Kobo.

DGATBoutiqueBoob Job Boutique is the latest installment in the popular Dickgirls Around Town series, and this time the action takes place in the town’s plastic surgery clinic, where exaggeration is the new normal and bigger is always better.

The good doctor has a little something of her own tucked away under her white coat, and she’s not afraid to share it with the women who come into her clinic. Mothers, trophy wives, and attractive young students and models alike are all prey for the randy doctor and her well-hung secretary as they encourage the ladies of Mortonville to go bigger, always bigger, with their breasts…

Dickgirls Around Town: Boob Job Boutique is 30 pages of all the futanari filth you’ve come to know and love. Expect plenty of meaty she-stud pricks crammed into the tight and willing holes of horny, eager, women — all in the name of becoming a better babe, naturally!

Or unnaturally, as the case may be…

Dickgirls Around Town: Boob Job Boutique is available on Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo. Pick up your copy today!

Free Erotica Advance Reads for Reviewers!


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So…how would you like to read all my new releases and upcoming titles completely for free?

In what’s probably the best deal I’m ever going to offer, I’m currently building a list of ten lucky Advance Reviewers. Advance Reviewers will receive upcoming A. Vivian Vane titles in advance, completely free, in exchange for posting their honest reviews on Amazon.com.

The Advance Reviewer Program

Here’s how this works:

1. Roughly 1-2 weeks before public release of a new A. Vivian Vane title, Advance Reviewers will receive a complete, ebook-formatted copy.

2. Included in the email with the ebook will be a link to the Amazon pre-order page.

3. Reviewers will have the duration of the pre-order period (usually one week for short stories/serials and two for longer books) to post a review on Amazon.

Reviews need not be five-star, although it’s always appreciated. (The way the Amazon system is weighted, anything less than four stars hurts the title more than it helps, so please reserve those ratings for books that you thought were badly written or full of errors, rather than just not quite to your taste!) Reviews should also state that they are based on an advance copy.

Reviewers will continue to receive advance titles for free so long as they continue to post useful, accurate reviews. Reviewers who skip more than one title will be removed from the list.

How to Become an Advance Reviewer

I am currently only creating openings for ten reviewers. If you’d like to sign up, email me at a.vivian.vane@gmail.com, subject heading “Advance Reviewer,” and include in the body of your email:

  • the email address at which you wish to receive your advance copies and notifications
  • the Amazon account name with which you will be posting reviews (so that I can verify reviews have been posted)
  • any “hard no” kinks or gender pairings you know that you cannot comfortably read about or comment on (if there are a lot of these, I probably can’t use you — my books are quite wide-ranging!)

If you’re selected, I will reply to let you know that you’ve been added to the Advance Reviewer list. You’ll begin receiving preview copies within the next week or two!

This is, as I said above, probably the single best deal I will ever offer my readers, so don’t hesitate. If you’d like to become an Advance Reviewer, email me at a.vivian.vane@gmail.com today!

New BDSM Erotica: “Lights, Camera, Masochism”


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LightsCameraMasochismDo you like things a little rough in the bedroom?

What about between the pages?

If you do, the latest A. Vivian Vane title, “Lights, Camera, Masochism,” is for you! It’s got all the whips, chains, floggers, and filth that even the most dedicated connoisseur of kink-porn could hope for.

“Lights, Camera, Masochism” is a standalone short detailing (emphasis on the “detail”) the humiliation, abuse, and filming of a tough-as-nails porno director starring in her own dirty movie. It’s the only way for the hardbitten masochist to get the punishment she really deserves, and the cameras keep rolling all the while!

(So yes…it’s porn about making porn. I never metanarrative I didn’t like, HEYO!)

But seriously, this is one hot sizzler of a story, so if you like BDSM fantasies, pick it up today at Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo, or Barnes & Noble.

Or, if you like things a little kindler and gentler, why not try “What She Wants” — a feminist fantasy about a submissive woman who gets to have it both ways, with filthy strangers in motel rooms and at home in the arms of her loving husband?

Whatever your tastes, there’s an A. Vivian Vane story for you, and “Lights, Camera, Masochism” is just the latest in the catalog. Stay tuned for more fine smut coming your way soon, and don’t forget to check out the October Story Challenge while you’re here!

October Story Challenge – Chance to Win Smutty Prizes!


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How cool would it be to have a mix of erotica authors — professionals and amateurs — produce a body of work based on the theme of your choosing?

If you said “pretty dang cool,” then I have good news for you: That’s the prize currently on offer for the October Story Challenge over at the Darknest Fantasy Erotica webforum. Write an original story, post it on the forum, and you get entered in a drawing to pick the theme for an upcoming challenge. Easy as that!


Now, if you’ve never visited the site before, you’ll notice (when you click the handy link above) that it asks for registration. Don’t panic! This is not a for-profit porn site. Registration is free and takes about a minute to complete.

What do you get once you’ve registered? Well, access to a thriving community of fantasy erotica fans, for one thing. Tons of free content from the resident artists, authors, 3D modelers, and other creative types. And all the details on the October Story Challenge being run by yours truly!

About Darknest Fantasy Erotica

Darknest Fantasy Erotica is an active and well-established community of, well, fantasy erotica fans, just like the name suggests.

Darknest AnthologyAuthors from the Story Board (which I moderate) contributed to the excellent Darknest Anthology, a collection of dark fantasy erotica shorts that you may remember from last summer. (I’m in it!)

The Story Board often serves as an incubator for up-and-coming talent. Many Darknest contributors have gone on to become self-publishing professionals — and a lot of us established types still post free content there, as well, making it a great place to pick up some bonus stories you won’t see in the catalog or mailing list.

About the October Story Challenge

Whether you’re a first-timer just looking to dip a toe into the world of erotica writing or an established author with a platform of your own, the October Story Challenge is a chance to show your skills — and to get a shot at influencing a future round of stories with your chosen theme!

All you have to do is post a story (at least 1000 words with a complete, self-contained plot/scene) along the monthly theme (this month’s is “disguises!”) on the Story Board. That gets you entered in a drawing, and the winner of the drawing picks the December theme — effectively guaranteeing anywhere from three or four to over a dozen free short stories sharing that theme, depending on the month’s participation.

Sound cool? Of course it does! Get over to the Darknest Story Board (and register, if you haven’t), and start writing…or browsing for smutty inspiration in our collection of hundreds of erotic fantasy freebies, of course!

Bestiality, Consent, and Selective Sexual Morality


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Hang around people who talk kinky sex long enough, and eventually bestiality (human/animal intercourse) will come up. At that point you’re almost certain to hear something along these lines: “Well, naturally, that’s a consent issue, because animals aren’t capable of consenting to their involvement in your scene.”

With no intent to drag scat play into this discussion as well, let me say plainly and clearly: Bullshit.


Well. All right. Not necessarily bullshit. I will make a generous exception for kinky vegans who feel this way, if they are indeed strict vegans, and also “animal liberationists” or whatever we’re currently calling people who believe that owning pets is slavery.

But unless you fall into those very strict and specific camps, you probably shouldn’t be talking about consent re: animals and what we, as humans, do to them.

We don’t ask for animal’s consent to own them, after all. We don’t ask their consent to raise them, from birth, in a cage, force-feeding them until the day of their slaughter, and we don’t ask politely if they’d mind if we nibbled on their tasty, tasty flesh a bit.

For that matter, we don’t take consent into consideration when we forcibly breed animals, whether it’s done with syringes and needles or just good old fashioned tying down the bitch in heat and letting the studs go to town on her. We cheerfully “rape” non-consenting animals every day, by the thousands, and the modern grocery economy would fall apart if we ever stopped.


So no. Fucking your pet dog, or your farm horse, or whatever, isn’t “rape,” any more than slaughtering animals for meat is “murder.” If you object to one, you inherently object to the other. And like I said, I am totally on board with people who think we shouldn’t get freaky with animals and also think we shouldn’t own, kill, and eat them. But if you’re not willing to go all the way, I think you should find bestiality, at the very most, mildly distasteful — certainly not immoral, given that diddling even a visibly unhappy and resisting animal is much less harmful in the grand scheme than killing and eating it.

Of course, I feel a bit weird making those arguments, since I don’t personally have much of an attraction to animals. I’m not really invested, on a personal level, in advocating for the right of people to, ah, “mount up” in the manner of their choosing.

But I hate selective morality, especially where it overlaps on sexuality, so please: if you object to human-sexual relationships on the basis of consent, rethink your ethics…or else start looking up nice vegan recipes.

3 Reasons to Try “What She Wants” This Week


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what-she-wantsOn Monday, What She Wants — my latest erotic title — became available as an ebook on Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble. I think it’s pretty fantastic.

I don’t publish any stories I don’t like, obviously. A work has to be good enough to meet my surprisingly discriminating “fuck yeah, I’d masturbate to that” standard before I’ll make it publicly available. More drafts than you might think fail to clear that threshold, and languish forever on my hard drive!

But What She Wants is a good one, and you, beloved readers, should pick it up and give it a read this week. Here are my top three reasons for sharing and encouraging this title:

1. It’s Very “Real” Erotica

Some of my works are more fantastical than others; this one is solidly in the “real world/real sex” camp. It draws to some extent (I won’t say exactly how directly!) on my own life and my many loving relationships. The people are meant to feel like real adults doing real, kinky sex in a real, consenting partnership.

I would go so far as to hold this lovely little short up as an example of a sexy and sexual real-life relationship done well (not the example, but an example — one way out of many that grownups can have kinky, non-monogamous lives that satisfy everyone).

And you know what? It’s fun. It’s hot. I dare say it’s some of the hottest prose I’ve written. Not everything needs to be impossibly big-dicked demonic hermaphrodites spewing egg-raping baby batter into gaped-out, cavernous wombs…although there’ll probably be more of that coming soon in my catalog, too!

2. It Focuses on Female Pleasure

The central character of What She Wants is deeply submissive, and takes the submissive role with both her nameless dominant and her husband, albeit in very different ways.

Despite that, it’s a story about her, not about the men in her life. The pleasure we get as a reader is her pleasure. On the surface this is someone being “used,” but she’s quite clearly getting exactly what she wants — hence the title — from her scenes and her lifestyle.

I’m happy to say that’s not nearly as subversive or unique in pornography as it would have been a decade or two ago. We’ve come a long way. But I like to think there’s still a hungry market out there for stories about female pleasure, and specifically about female submission that isn’t focused on male pleasure.

3. It’s On Sale!

Now through the end of the month, you can get What She Wants for $2.99. After that it goes up to $3.99. Not exactly a huge difference, but hey, who doesn’t like to save a buck when they can?

I’d be remiss if I didn’t also give a shout-out to my long-time cover illustrator, Lacey Lucette, whose work for What She Wants is among my favorites. And sure, you can all enjoy her lovely artwork for free, just by going to take a look at the book and its previews on Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo, or Barnes & Nobles…but while you’re there, why not support us both by picking up a copy?

Could just be the best $2.99 you spend all week!

New Release & Free Preview: “What She Wants”


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It’s not cheating if your husband wants you to do it…right?

what-she-wantsDifferent people might have different answers to that question, but for Meredith — heroine of the latest A. Vivian Vane title, What She Wants — it’s a resounding “go for it, girl!”

That’s because Meredith is a woman with needs, and “What She Wants” is a celebration of those needs, from her BDSM-tinged hookup with a stranger in a sleazy motel to the arms of her loving husband back home. Teased, fucked, and thoroughly satisfied by both, Meredith’s a woman who lets her passions run wild…and with a little help from her understanding husband, she’s able to have exactly What She Wants.

Call it a celebration of female sexuality. Call it a love story about real understanding between a husband and wife. Call it a kinky fetish-fest of fuckery and female orgasm — it’s all of those things and more, and right now it’s on sale at Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble!

For a sneak preview of What She Wants, read on below the break…


Continue reading

Summer Vacation Sale: 75% Off Selected Erotica


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It’s summer, and that means things are getting hot…

Specifically, your AVV is off on a hot vacation with her hot lover (well, one of ’em, anyway), and you, dear readers, get some hot savings on some hot titles while I’m away!

I’ll be returning in a week with new works to upload, but for now, enjoy serious savings on some of my favorite summertime titles:

slut-state-smallSLUT for the State – 75% Off!

Honestly, wouldn’t we all love to spend our summer vacation working as a hormone-addicted sex drone in a dystopian near-future? Well, maybe not, but you can still read about a couple of teenaged cuties doing exactly that in SLUT for the State, my favorite sci-fi erotica title from the archives. It’s a sexy thrillride of nanotechnology, willing enslavement, and futuristic breeding programs. Plus, isn’t the cover awesome? So very state-controlled Soviet chic. Grab it for just $0.99 today!


Fertile Mistresses – 75% Off!

What’s sexier than a demonic shemale hell-bent on impregnating every fertile breeder she comes across? Try two demonic shemales hell-bent on impregnating every fertile breeder they come across! Friendship turns quickly into friendly competition in this sexy page-turner, and from there into something even more intimate…

If you like your ladies well-hung, you won’t want to miss this classic of futa fantasy erotica, just $0.99 all week long!

the-strange-habits-of-desert-centaurs-thumbThe Strange Habits of Desert Centaurs – 75% Off!

It doesn’t get any wetter, wilder, or hotter than this classic. If you like your erotica truly exotic, look no further than this tale of a tiny gnome researcher and the sapphic centauress who “invites” her in for some hands-on research. One of the first really strange fantasy erotica stories I ever wrote, this is still one of my favorites. Pick it up and enjoy hot lesbian romance (and a bit of bisexual cumplay thrown in for good measure) with an interspecies twist. $0.99 this week only!

Your thoroughly refreshed (and thoroughly sexed, one can only hope) AVV returns next week with new titles to heat up the dog days of summer even more…until then, enjoy these great titles at the hottest discounts you’re ever going to see! Sale lasts this week only (August 9-15), so act fast!


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