Fetish Acceptance: Taking the Worse with the Bad


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I saw and shared an exchange on Tumblr a little while ago in which a young woman reblogged a dominant’s fantasy guide for training submissives into eating disorders to keep them thin.

Cue the outcry: “Girls, don’t fuck up your health,” “Don’t fuck with the heads of impressionable teens,” etc:

I love how he manages righteous indignation while simultaneously admitting that he holds the ridiculous beauty standards that are driving her fantasies.

Don’t you love how he manages righteous indignation while blithely (and crudely) espousing the ridiculous beauty standards that are driving her fantasy? He talks so loud because the cognitive dissonance is so deafening…

Now, for most of us, I assume the idea of controlling another person’s diet at all would be seen as the stuff of abusive relationships. Doing so with the deliberate goal of causing physical and psychological harm? That’s absolutely something we respond to with social opprobrium, and that’s a good thing!

But context is everything. This conversation was occurring on a Tumblr devoted to extreme female submission themes, at the request of a woman whose fantasies center around being trained and changed into a mindless sexual object, and whose readers seem to love the hell out of that idea. Until, somehow, it involves unhealthy eating habits.

Which, like…guys, you’re sitting there holding your dicks and cheering when she does the whole “tee hee, I should be studying for class but I’m just sitting here watching porn and edging my wet little pussy” thing, but suddenly “OMG I want to be starved thin” is too much for you?

It’s the same fantasy. It’s the same idea. Same stuff as the bleached hair/bolt-on tits “look what a bimbo I’ve become for you” schtick; the “fuck me rough until I think abusive sex is normal” posts. This is someone who gets off on the idea of deliberately making “unhealthy” choices and prioritizing sexual gratification over other life goals to an exaggerated extreme (and who clearly likes having an audience for that process).

Not exactly an uncommon subject in erotica, I assure you.

Not exactly an uncommon subject in erotica, I assure you.

And you know what? It’s okay to find that stuff hot! A lot of people get off on the idea of extreme transformations, mental and physical, and the idea that the person being transformed somehow can’t help themselves — either because it’s forced through bondage, law, or brainwashing, or because they’re just such a natural inferior that they’re helpless to resist social conditioning — is often a big part of that fantasy. And yes, some people do live it out, in greater or smaller ways, by altering their appearance or their behavior or their lifestyle to more closely match their fantasies.

I would encourage anyone who looks at sexual fantasies or discussions and thinks “that’s a bridge too far!” to very closely examine what they think isn’t a bridge too far, and see if it’s actually all that different. Because in this case (and in many I’ve seen) it’s less a matter of separating the “good” fantasies from the “bad” fantasies, and more of not realizing that the “bad” fantasy is just a slightly more extreme version of shit you get off on, taken to a logical extension.

I don’t love the idea of an eating disorder fantasy. But I do see how it ties into the same theme of prioritizing your looks/sexualization over what we think of as mainstream “healthy” goals, and that’s a very common fantasy for both men and women (the men usually observing/controlling the transformation; the women usually undergoing it). If you like the idea of training your slutty slut-slut to wear high heels and giggle a lot, you probably don’t have a lot of moral high ground for shying away when she talks about puking herself thin so she’s a twiggier fuckstick. Same fantasy; crazier exaggeration.

TLDR: Stroke happy, children, and don’t hate on others for doing it too.

“Dickgirls Around Town” Continues with “Barebacked Barback” – Now Available!


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Not every story has to be about a heroic journey. Some are just depictions of a regular old day-in-the-life, and the “Dickgirls Around Town” series dives right into those days…days, that is, in the lives of horny, hermaphroditic she-studs and a town full of randy sluts who just can’t help themselves!

DGAround2“Dickgirls Around Town: Barebacked Barback” takes us behind the cut glass doors at Spunky’s, a battered old dive bar catering almost exclusively to shemale clientele. Pretty young teenager Ling, full of high school stories and gossip, marches right through those doors to demand a summer job — even if it means blowing the big bartender first to prove her dedication!

As things spiral out of control, Ling quickly finds herself reduced to nothing more than a plaything for dozens of horny dickgirls…and also finds that she’s completely happy with that.

“Barebacked Barback” is a self-contained story over 15,000 words in length, available right now from Amazon, Smashwords, and Barnes and Nobles. Pick up your copy today and dive right into an ordinary ol’ slice of American life…with dickgirls!

“Dickgirls Around Town: Trailer Trash” – New Release & Series Debut!


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Ever wonder what life would be like for ordinary women in a town full of randy shemales?

DGAroundThat’s the reality the new A. Vivian Vane series “Dickgirls Around Town” sets out to explore, and today it debuts with the raunchy, smutty, steamy Dickgirls Around Town: Trailer Trash.”

In “Trailer Trash” we meet Amber McPhee: an ordinary enough workingwoman from the Shade Tree Homes trailer park, just trying to make ends meet and look out for her teenaged stepdaughter Mary-Anne…

…or at least, that was how she lived her life, until a pack of horny dickgirls from Mary-Anne’s school teased her, seduced her, and knocked her up. Now she’s a fat-bellied slag with no dignity left in life, greedily servicing every veiny futa prick that’s shoved in her face, and she’s never been happier.

But when the dickgirls turn their attention to Mary-Anne, Amber has to make a tough decision: deny her beloved baby-breeders, or watch the promising young girl that she raised from childhood descend into mindless depravity right alongside her?

It all happens in “Dickgirls Around Town: Trailer Trash,” now available from Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble. Pick up a copy and start the series today!

Two Smutty Shorts: Free Erotica for Mailing List Subscribers


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Pssst…hey perverts, want my newest erotic short, completely free?

It’s all yours! Sign up for the mailing list any time this month and you’ll receive not one but two erotic short stories, completely free.

Subscribers receive links and downloadable PDF copies of “Fertile Forest,” a filthy fantasy featuring the hermaphroditic race of lust-demons that readers met in Fertile Mistresses and Blue Blood Babies, and “Barebacked Barback (The Beginning),” the very first look at a new dickgirl erotica series set in the same small town as the Dickgirl Cheerleaders stories.

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Coming Soon: [Your Preferred Porn Here]


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I value loyalty. The people who’ve been reading this blog for years; the people on my mailing list — they’ve put me where I am today.

(Not quite literally where I am, of course. I chose this apartment, this bedroom, and this chair. But my readers paid for them!)

What can I say? I like following orders.

What can I say? I like following orders.

I also like to reward loyalty. There will be some new freebies coming soon for the mailing list (this is a good reason to join the mailing list, if you haven’t already).

And right now, as I’m building my writing queue for the next several months, I’m asking you loyal readers to let me know what you’d like to see more of: which kinks, which gender pairings, which roles; whether you want it harder or faster or slower or softer.

So chime in on the handy-dandy survey below, if you’d like to influence the next season or two of releases. Tell me what you’d like to see more of. No need to pick favorites — you can vote for as many items as you like, so click on anything you like. And if there’s anything you don’t see on the list, you can always leave a comment.


Your feedback is appreciated! I won’t promise to schedule an exact, in-order exploration of all the top vote-getters, starting with the most popular and working my way down the list, but this will affect how I schedule (and cast) my upcoming stories.

Full-Time Filthy


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Is it just me, loyal readers, or has it been a little quiet around here lately?

But fear not; you’ve not been forgotten. Nor have I gotten even the tiniest bit tired of writing with one hand on the keyboard and the other hand…elsewhere. (Sipping my coffee, you perverts. I’m talking about sipping my coffee.) In fact, my last few months were spent tidying up loose ends, discharging obligations, and piling up savings so that I could comfortably make the following announcement…

pinup-clock-reading-newspaper…A. Vivian Vane is going full time!

That means this charming little diversion will be my primary occupation and source of income, give or take some odd jobs on the side.

For you, my lovely readers, that also means:

  • More titles — I’ll be aiming for two a month, on average, sometimes more if they’re short or less if I’m working on a novel-length project.
  • More topics, fetishes, gender-pairings, settings, and every other variation on the theme of “people do sexy things” I can come up with! More titles means more freedom to play around and see what people like (and what I like writing).
  • Opportunities for active reader feedback, product giveaways, custom stories, and more. If you’re not on the mailing list, now is a good time to join it, hint hint!

It also means a return to personal blogging on this site, alongside the product news, previews, and promotions. Because you all want to know so much about my life, right? And it’s not like I’ll have anything else to do.

You know. Other than writing smut for you. And my wrists do get tired eventually…

So wish me luck, join the mailing list, and stay tuned, because you’re going to have a lot of A. Vivian Vane coming at your face this year! And couldn’t we all use a little more A. Vivian Vane in our faces?

Hard, Dark Erotica: “Battle Babes” – Now Available on All Platforms


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In the mood for something a little…rough?

Then step into the world of Battle Babes, where sex workers are paid to fight, MMA-style and nearly naked, in front of a seedy crowd of pimps and johns; thugs and drug dealers. The winner takes home cash and drugs, while the loser descends into the crowd to serve as their public fucktoy.

battlebabesIt’s a rough life, but it’s a way for a girl with a need to get by — or at least, that’s what the highly successful “Battle Babe” Chalise thinks, until her pimp backs out on the deal and sells her services to a rich pervert after she lands a big win.

Alone in the VIP lounge, helpless in the hands of a powerful client with a taste for degradation, Chalise has to decide how much she’s just playing a part to get what she needs…and how much of her really is the worthless, disposable fucktoy all these men see her as.

This was a commissioned work with some very specific themes, and it is quite a bit darker than most of my writing! Be advised: “Battle Babes” contains descriptive scenes of nearly-naked women in physical fights, and of drug addiction, prostitution, and filthy, degrading sex.

Fans of dark, gritty erotica should find plenty to love here. Fans of a lighter, more whimsical world should stick around…next up is a tender Victorian tale of the love between a rich nobleman and the London prostitute he marries by accident! It will have all the frills and fucking that even the gentlest pervert could wish for. Be sure to sign up for my newsletter to get the release announcement and a special, subscriber-only discount.

Battle Babes: Urban MMA Erotica is available on Amazon, Smashwords, and Barnes & Nobles for $2.99.

(NOTE: This title has been “adult filtered” on Amazon, meaning that people will not find it with normal searches. You will need the direct link. This is a frustrating thing that Amazon does very unpredictably and without any particular rhyme or reason, and it has a significant effect on book sales. If you’re interested in helping to counteract their “soft censorship,” please take a minute to leave a review after buying the book! More stars, comments, and purchases will help push the title back up in search results. The less they can ignore or discourage “hard” and “dark” erotica, the more willing authors will be to write it.)

Cover Previews: “The Harlot Wife” and “Battle Babes”


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Quick question: are you on the A. Vivian Vane Talks Dirty mailing list yet?

If not, now’s a good time to sign up, because there’s lots of good stuff coming in Spring 2015.

Below are covers for my next two titles, done as always by the amazingly talented Lacey Lucette:

HarlotWife battlebabes

As you can probably guess from the covers, one is a steamy Victorian bodice-ripper about those beautiful “ladies of the night,” while the other is pure urban grit with a prizefighting twist.

Both come out this month — with special presale prices for subscribers — so join the mailing list to hear as soon as they’re available!

Anniversary Sale: Two Years of Ebooks for $2.99 Each!


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space-station-of-the-sluts-cover-thumbIn February 2013, I published the very first A. Vivian Vane erotic story: Space Station of the Sluts, a light-hearted science-fiction romp in which everyone ends up happy, or at least horny.

Two years later, I’m still happily writing erotica, with twenty-five titles to show for it — and this week only, every single title is available for only $2.99 on Amazon.

That’s everything, the whole catalog, from Space Station of the Sluts all the way through the recent Remedial Programming. All twelve volumes of the Dickgirl Cheerleaders series, the Pirth the Enchantress fantasy novels (In the Coils of the Serpent Men and In the Talons of the Succubae), demonic she-male breeding stories like Fertile Mistresses and Blue Blood Babies — $2.99 a pop, this week only.

If there’s anything in the catalog you’ve ever wanted to check out, but held back on because of price, now’s the time to move. Save anywhere up to 40% by buying this week for $2.99.

Two years of work — $2.99 a pop. Swing by my Author page on Amazon.com and grab some A. Vivian Vane titles today! Sale ends Friday, February 28th.

The “Dickgirl Cheerleaders” Series Concludes!


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At long last, the moment you’ve all been waiting for: the explosive climax of the “Dickgirl Cheerleaders” series of erotic shorts!

cheerleaders12I’ve had a ton of fun writing these, and I hope you all have had just as much fun reading them. Dickgirl Cheerleaders #12: Happy Ending is a plus-size installment, closer to a novella than the serial shorts that have made up the rest of the series, so you’re getting a lot of bang(ing) for your buck.

Everything fans of the series have come to know and love is in this one, along with some new twists, surprises, and kinks. If you like your dickgirl sex raunchy, depraved, and shamelessly and publicly taken for granted, you won’t be disappointed by this final installment.

Dickgirl Cheerleaders #12: Happy Ending is available for $2.99 on Amazon, Smashwords, and Barnes & Nobles.

If you’ve never tried the “Dickgirl Cheerleaders” books before, it’s not too late to start — every installment is a standalone, self-contained story, and the first one’s just 99 cents on Amazon. Highly recommended for fans of unrealistic, over-the-top, ultra-fetishized shemale smut!

And if you’ve been with me from the start (or from anywhere along the way), and you’ve enjoyed the “Dickgirl Cheerleaders” books, please — leave a review wherever you bought it! It’s the best way to say “thank you” to an independent author.


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