Commissions Closed for 2014


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As most of my fans know, I write custom erotica in addition to my Amazon/B&N/etc.-published e-books, often as a way to get stories that those publishers won’t accept to people.

It’s something I’ve always been happy to do, but the demand is outstripping my capacity, so I’m going to have to put a hold on new commissions through the end of the year!

Obviously, if you’ve already commissioned something from me and we’ve discussed payments and delivery dates and so forth, this doesn’t apply to you. I won’t have any trouble handling what’s already on my plate, but I don’t want to add to it.

Commissions should open up again in 2015, and there’ll be plenty of new, publicly-available fiction between now and then, including the conclusion to the Dickgirl Cheerleaders series, new steampunk (lesbian) and cyberpunk (slut) works, and more.

If you’re not already on it, my mailing list is absolutely the best way to stay on top of new releases, freebies, and other news. Stay tuned!

Dickgirl Cheerleaders #11 Now Available!


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Want some dick to go with your girl? Some baby to go with your bump? Some filthy fucking co-eds to go with your fantasy college experience? Dickgirl Cheerleaders #11 has it all, and it’s available on Amazon and Smashwords right now.

cheerleaders11Dickgirl Cheerleaders #11: Preggers! is the latest in a frankly depraved series of standalone shorts, each one packed from start to finish with sweaty, spermy, shemale goodness.

In this new installment, teenaged Amanda finally comes to terms with the inevitable consequences of her freewheeling, dickgirl-loving lifestyle: a positive pregnancy test and a bunch of no-good, always-horny girlfriends who think that is just sooooo hawt!

But no matter how depraved things get at Dickgirl House, they can always sink lower, and pretty soon Amanda is caught up in an orgiastic whirl as her friends and their she-stud lovers try out new and even more perverted delights on one another’s willing bodies.

Dickgirl Cheerleaders #11: Preggers! can be found on Amazon and Smashwords for $2.99. If you’re new to the series, don’t worry — you can start the Dickgirl Cheerleaders books anywhere. Each story stands alone as a self-contained unit, and you can start the series with Dickgirl Cheerleaders #1: Towel Girl for just 99 cents right now.

As always, if you haven’t signed up yet, I highly encourage you to join my mailing list. It’s where you’ll get all the latest news, hot releases, and private discounts and free stories that I don’t share anywhere else. Who wouldn’t want me in their box?

Happy reading, horny people!

Free AVV Story at the Bad Girl’s Bible Erotica Contest


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Do you like my stories? Would you like to read one for free?

Then get over to the Bad Girl’s Bible Erotica collection, where I’ve got a brand new sexy short posted absolutely free.

It’s called “Discipline in the Workplace,” and it is about a lady CEO who occasionally needs some loving domination from one of her hot male employees on the side. I think it is pretty good!

The story is part of a contest (you can read the other entries on the same Bad Girl’s Bible Erotica website), so if you like the story and want to up-vote it, use any of the sharing options their on the host page: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Google+.

Of course, that relies on you having a social media account on which you can comfortably share your love of workplace BDSM stories…it’s not a perfect system. But those are the rules we were given! And it does mean you can “vote” for as many stories as you want to share, if you do have an account for such things.

So head on over to Bad Girl Bible’s Erotica and enjoy my latest sexy short, and share it on the social media if you can! And now, a short preview for your titillation:

Taking a deep breath, Geneva lowered her voice and said, “I want you.”

Robert was small and sharp-featured, a contrast to Geneva’s heart-shaped face and soft cheeks. He needed only a very small lift of one eyebrow to form a questioning quirk. One of his slim hands moved to lie atop his desk, just above the uppermost drawer on the right side.

“Go on…?” Robert said softly.

A flush rose in Geneva’s cheeks. Excitement shot through her like an electric shock, making her whole body tingle. Knowing how weak she sounded, and how needy, she stared down past the front of her white blouse and navy skirt to her stocking-clad feet in their leather pumps. “I need that,” she whispered, nodding toward the corner of Robert’s desk, just below his hand. “Please.”

Robert smiled. It was a little smile, but it was enough. Geneva could read a faint, possessive pride on her analyst’s face. Her heart pounded. Unconsciously, she pressed her thighs together beneath the dark skirt. Her clothes felt far too warm; far too constricting. She had wanted to tear them off on her way down from the executive suite, and wouldn’t that have given the board something to talk about at their next meeting?

Read more at Bad Girl Bible’s Erotica! Vote by sharing on social media using the buttons at the top or bottom of the story!

Podcasted: In Which Other Authors Say Nice Things About Me


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I should start this post with a confession: I don’t really listen to podcasts.

I don’t do videos or vlogs or Vines or whatever much, either. I tend to automatically close web pages the moment they start playing anything at me. Listening to someone else say words is so much slower than reading them myself!

So I am not qualified to weigh in on the relative merits of podcasts. But I know other authors do them as a form of reader outreach, and I enjoy those authors’ success vicariously. It’s good to be good at lots of different media content.

I am, of course, extra fond of author podcasts when they talk about me, which happened in J. E. & M. Keep’s SciFi, Fantasy, Romance & Erotica Podcast #6 this week:

They are an entertaining couple who apparently podcast naked together, which is adorable, and they were good enough to mention my SLUT for the State and its publication struggles around the 28 minute mark in the above episode.

(M. Keep also brought up the assigned breeders from Lois Lowry’s children’s novel The Giver, which I had not remembered from my childhood but which might very well be the first breeding-fetish content I ever encountered. I guess I’ll mention it alongside the thinly disguised scat porn in Animorphs and other, more disgusting series by the same author if I ever talk to a therapist about my childhood.)

I’m the last person to speak authoritatively on the subject, but it seemed like a pretty entertaining podcast all the way through, and if you like it they have a bunch more, along with a cool website full of dark erotica.

So that was a fun thing that happened this week. And, if state-sponsored breeding and cybernetic wombs sounds like your cup of erotic, dystopian tea, SLUT for the State is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble! Just sayin’.

New Release: SLUT for the State – 40% Off This Weekend!


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Comrades! Please to be listening!

This weekend only, the brand-new, novel-lengh erotic thriller SLUT for the State is available on for $2.99, down from a regular price of $4.99:

slutblueIn the not-too-distant future, technology has given women complete control of their reproductive systems — and more than one woman has learned the value of trading that control away! 

Samantha and Sahira are SLUTs, the bearers of State Leased Uterine Transplants. Paid by the fertilization, they cruise the streets of an urban dystopia, looking for men to breed their artificially enhanced wombs. 

As they learn the pleasure of renting their bodies out to the state, each young woman finds herself drawn deeper and deeper into the dark underside of their society: black economies, private and public, based on the perverse concept of “transactional sexuality!”

This one’s a winner, packed from cover to cover with horny women, perverse societies, and a very hot sci-fi theme that puts women’s bodies and their native fertility right at the center of the action. Includes group sex, interracial sex, subtle mind control and mental programming elements, and of course lots and lots of cumshots, creampies, and pregnancies.

Read on for a free preview of “SLUT for the State,” and heat up your week with the full version at!

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The Darknest Anthology: Dark Fantasy Erotica from A. Vivian Vane and Others!


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Can a holy angel of Heaven tempt one of Lucifer’s fallen back to righteousness? Even if it were possible, hot and heavy pegging probably wouldn’t be the way to go about it…but that won’t stop one angelic beauty from trying!

Darknest AnthologySo goes the blurb for my contribution to Darknest: A Dark Fantasy Anthology, a collection of seven fantastic stories from some of the best erotic fantasy authors out there. It’s just $0.99 on Amazon, today and all next month.

As an added feel-good bonus (and you’ll already be feeling good, believe you me), the sales from this one don’t go toward personal profit. All us authors contributed our work toward the maintenance of the Darknest Fantasy Erotica community, a long-running forum and web home for erotic fantasy artists and fans.

So come drop a buck on some high quality erotic fantasy (my own contribution features angelic femdom, pegging, and more), and support a community of talented artists, amateurs, and fans while you’re at it. Details on the stories from the bundle follow:

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Whores Are Great for Your Performance…Economic Performance, That Is!


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Puttin’ the “gross” in the “gross domestic product,” am I right?!

According to The Wall Street Journal, several countries have started including illegal activities like drug sales and prostitution in their GDP estimates, mostly as a way of boosting the score:

The U.K. could add as much as $9 billion to the value of its GDP by including prostitution and about $7.4 billion by adding illegal drugs, by one estimate, enough to boost the size of its economy by 0.7%. Not to be outdone, Italy will include smuggling as well as drugs and prostitution. Both changes will begin later this year.”

Of course, that’s a story all of us here in the smut-writing shadows could have told them by heart: when you’re feeling depressed, there’s nothing like a whore to perk you right up! Apparently it works just as well for economies as it does for johns.

That said, I do have some issues with their calculation methods:

“For prostitutes, the statisticians will begin with an estimated tally of on-street prostitutes from the London Metropolitan Police and an estimate of off-street prostitutes from a nongovernment group that studies violence against women and girls. The number of prostitutes will be assumed to rise or fall along with the male population. The assumed cost of prostitution services will fluctuate along with the prices of lap dances and escort agencies, “the closest activities we have to prostitution” that are already measured.”

Every large-scale economic estimate has to be based on some pretty big assumptions, but this is just groping around helplessly in the dark (another phenomenon prostitutes are used to, I assure you.) Lap dances and high-end escorts aren’t going to provide anything like an equivalent price for street prostitution, and tying the number of prostitutes to the male population is both bizarre and a little offensive. (Okay, a lot offensive.)

But what the hell. At least they’re recognizing that prostitution and drugs have a real, measurable economic impact. Next step is showing a little fucking gratitude for that impact, maybe?

Ha! Right. ‘Cause that’s how it’s gone for workers in all the other, legalized trades.

New Release: Hotwife at the House Party


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Hotwives you were promised, readers, and now a hotwife you shall have!

Don’t feel too flattered, though. Pretty much anyone can have her if they want.

Hot-WifeBy day a smart and savvy ad exec, Amy turns by night into the woman her husband really married: a cum-stained porn star named DiDi Crass. Theirs is a loving relationship, just like any successful partnership, or at least any successful partnership in which the husband routinely whores his wife out to large groups of horny men.

“Hotwife at the House Party” is over 50 pages of filthy sex scenes from cover to metaphorical electronic cover. It’s hotter and heavier than anything I’ve written so far, I think, and if you like it hard and nasty you’ll love “Hotwife at the House Party.”

For the next week, “Hotwife at the House Party” is on sale for $2.99, down from a regular price of $4.99. Get “Hotwife at the House Party” today, and start stroking!

“Dickgirl Cheerleaders #10: Tramp Stamp” – New Release and Free Preview


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“Dickgirl Cheerleaders #10: Tramp Stamp”  is now available on Amazon and Smashwords for $2.99.

cheerleaders10The Dickgirl Cheerleaders are back! Thrusting their way onto shelves…penetrating your Kindle…filling tablets and e-readers with their sweaty, sticky goodness…

…you get the point.

Cheerleaders! With dicks! They’re back, they’re hotter than ever, and their towel girl Amanda just can’t keep her hands off those bulging she-cocks.

If you’ve liked the series so far, you’ll definitely want to read “Tramp Stamp.” If you haven’t read the series, but you like the dickgirl/futanari school of erotica, you’ll also want to read “Tramp Stamp,” and probably the rest of the series too! (Start by picking up “Dickgirl Cheerleaders #1: Towel Girl” — or just dive right in wherever; each volume is a self-contained standalone short.)

And if you’re ready to see more of what’s waiting inside the pages of “Tramp Stamp,” read on…


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“A Noblewoman’s Fall” – New Victorian Taboo Erotica – 40% Off This Week


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All right, perverts. It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for: this month’s big release!

(So that you can have your own big releases, right? Hur hur hur.)

noblewoman-small“A Noblewoman’s Fall” – Victorian Taboo Erotica

Available on Amazon for $2.99 this week only – Regular price $4.99

Adopted into a baronial family at a young age, Mary always tried to live up to the standards of the aristocracy. But when her naughty maid discovers the noblewoman’s lust for tender caresses in her most intimate places, it begins a downward spiral that Mary never could have predicted. 

Soon, Mary finds herself learning more about the real standards of the aristocracy than she ever imagined, discovering one secret perversion after another — even in those nearest and dearest to her!”

This is a nice, long romp through Victorian smut of all sorts: anal play, bisexual lady lovin’, taboo brother/sister scenes, gangbangs, and more! I like to think of it as the “corsets and cocks” genre of erotica.

Mailing list subscribers have already received a special bonus offer for a free e-book from my collection (a good reason to be a subscriber, if you’re not already), but you can still take advantage of the reduced price. “A Noblewoman’s Fall” will be $2.99 on through Monday, 21 April 2014, after which it goes up to $4.99.

So act now — grab yourself some corsets and cocks! Yummy yummy yummy.


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